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Setup Editor

  • Extras Tab
    • Category Files
      Additional category files (catver) can be generated at using goodtools lists or nointro dats and loaded for different platforms.
    • History Dat/Control Panel for all Platforms
      If available history and cpviewer data may be used for all platforms.
    • Mess XML Parser


  • Fuzzy Artwork Search
    • Load artwork by fuzzy match on filename
    • Set with fuzzy_artwork_search in the wahcade.ini
  • Lock File
    • This fix locks user input for a period of time (secs) after the emulator exits.
    • Set this with lock_time in the wahcade.ini
  • Rom File Extensions
    • Multiple rom extensions may be specified and separated with a semicolon. (ie. smc;sfc;bin)
      When a game is launched the system will loop through the extensions to find the launched game. It will execute the first occurance of romname.ext
    • Empty Rom Extension field
      Leaving the extension field empty will act as a wildcard and add all items in the rom path to the list. When executing a game the system will check for the first match of the rom title and execute.
  • Scrolled Game List
    • Can now be shrunk to a single row. Previous limit was minimum of 4 rows.
  • Non-Sequential Game Lists
    Game lists in wahcade were required to be numbered sequentially. This is no longer required and mahcade will now read all lists matching the emulator name and cycle through them. This has the advantage of allowing the user to delete old list file without modifying all others or use my tool at to build filtered lists
  • Plugins System
  • Per Platform CPViewer/History Viewer
    • Add <platform>.cpv to the ~/.wahcade/ini/ directory for platform specific CPViewer Items
    • Add <platform>.his to the ~/.wahcade/ini/ directory for platform specific History Items
    These files are of the same format used for the global ini files found in wahcade

Layout Editor

Movie Clip Playback

  • Requires gstreamer