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Additional Features (not included in standard Wah!Cade)


  • Modified wahcade.ini
  • Fuzzy Artwork Search
  • Lock File
  • Additional Rom Extension Support
    • Multiple rom extensions may be specified and separated with a semicolon. (ie. smc;sfc;bin)
    • Empty Rom Extension field
  • Scrolled Game List, down to a single row
  • Game specific ini files
  • Portable Mode, config dir is located in wahcade directory
  • Non-Sequential Game Lists
  • Category files support for all platforms
  • History dat/Control panel viewer support for all platforms
  • MESS xmlinfo support added
  • Layouts support custom rotation values, (manually edit lay files)
  • Plugins system
  • Per Platform CPViewer
  • Per Platform History Viewer

Setup Editor

M.A.M.E tab renamed to EXTRA and now available for all platforms Category filters for all platforms

Layout Editor

Users can right click an item to quickly access the properties.