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Twitter support through the tweepy library was added in commit 140. This will publish a message from Mah!Cade to your twitter feed once you have provided access keys with write access through the OAuth protocol.

NB: Any text longer than 140 characters will be truncated before posting.

Emulator Messages (msg_config)

Add an option for msg_config into each emulator ini this will allow for custom message per platform. By default the (in the latest commmited mame.ini) the tweet will read "I am playing <game_title> on <emulator_name> #mahcade <custom_tags>".

The message will allow any text you wish to add, additionally there are a set of codes available to access Wah!cade data. These codes will be substituted at runtime.

%r : Rom Name
%n : Game Name
%y : Year
%m : Manufacturer
%c : Category
%d : Display Type
%s : Screen Type
%e : Emulator Title
%g : Gamelist Title

Custom Tags (custom_tags)

Add custom text to the 'custom_tags' option in wahcade.ini. This text will be appended to the published line providing the line is not over 140 characters once combined.


  • 'Create a new application' on
    1. Enter the required values (anything you like) marked with an asterix
    2. Accept the license agreement
    3. Enter the captcha
    4. Press 'Create your twitter application'
  • Open the settings tab
    1. Under Application Access select Read & Write
    2. Press 'Update this Twitter applications settings
  • Open the details tab
    1. Press 'Create my access token'
    2. Once generated, confirm your access level is 'Read and Write'
  • Open wahcade.ini
    1. Add these new options
### Twitter OAuth Options ###
  • From your new twitter application add the keys as per below
Consumer Key => consumer_key
Consumer Secret => consumer_secret
Access Token => access_key
Access Token Secret => access_secret

This will give you authorization to write to your twitter timeline at Mah!Cade run time.