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Mah!Cade is available as either:

To install, refer to the standard Wah!Cade Installation page

Note: Mah!Cade is intended to replace the currently installed version of Wah!Cade, therefore it will unpack to a wahcade directory.

Upgrading an existing Wah!Cade Installation

If you are upgrading to Mah!Cade from an existing Wah!Cade installation you will need to configure and use the modified wahcade.ini in the config.dist/ directory. To use this new wahcade.ini copy it to your /home/user/.wahcade/ profile directory.

If you installed from a package provided by your distribution, you may need to look at how Wah!Cade is launched, and edit the launchers as required.

Updating an existing Mah!Cade Branch

You may update a Mah!Cade branch (linux only) by using the bzr_update script in the wahcade directory or git pull in the working directory for the github version