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Note dump, this is a failed experiment to date

General Info

  • Must load device drivers disk first for other peripherals
  • When prompted for the cd scsi driver choose ?????

"To install NEXTSTEP on an IDE hard disk, use your computer's setup program to make sure the IDE controller and hard disk are enabled. Also, set your CD-ROM drive to SCSIID 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 (some SCSI adapters don't work with CD-ROM drives set to SCSI 10 0 or 1)."

  1. just wait at boot:
  2. 1 for english
  3. 1 to prepare to install
  4. Select 3.3_Driver_Disk.img, Return
  5. See CDROM Section
  6. 1 to continue
  7. UI starts


in theory it should be possible to install NeXT from an IDE CDROM, but i've been running into issues. The manual says a SCSI CDROM is required but I can see it assign the ATAPI drive to sd0 and then wait for it to become ready, just never does. The SCSI emulation in MAME is currently incomplete

Attached as a SCSI CDROM

  1. 1 for 154x SCSI for CDROM ISA
  2. Select 3.3_Beta_Drivers.img, 8, Return
  3. Select 6 for IDE Device Driver

^-- does not work .... sadness, gets stuck on Registering EISA

Attached as an IDE CDROM (SCSI dev is ignored)

  1. 4 for Adapter 2940 (ref:
  2. When prompted for HDD, Select 3.3_Beta_Drivers.img, 8, Return
  3. press 7, Return
  4. Press 2 to select “Primary/Secondary (Dual) EIDE and ATAP Device Controllers”, Return
  5. This will find both the HDD and CDROM devices

^--- does not work, same result using the EIDE driver Add_Drivers.ima 7,3 ..... Fails on

sd0: MAME Virtual CDROM 1.0
sd0: Waiting for drive to become ready
sd0: Disk Not Ready
root on sd0
vfs_mountroot: error=15
panic: (Cpu 0) vfs_mountroot: cannot mount root


No CDROM Device detected