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Some notes on the ct486 driver

HDD Geometries

These geoms are for Type 47 (custom) drives, the sha is unimportant, you can just create these with chdman createhd --chs C,H,S

Size CHS Type SHA
4GB 8332,16,63 Uncompressed febb149519369f4293b2d94b1b5ebc973791dd76
2GB 10838,9,43 Uncompressed fc3b4ca3770ac38ba3a3dc0d5a5fad97aa1f0ad9
1GB 2048,16,63 - -
500M 1015,16,63 - -
100M 256,16,50 - -

The sha is here because these disks are in the wild and you can grab them instead of doing the work. Uncompressed CHDs do not have an internal sha, so these were external calcs with sha1sum


When/if you change out the CHD underneath this machine you will need to reconfigure the HDD Type 47 geometry to match, alternatively backup the nvram file in ct486 folder and re-instate it with the machine you are booting

Slot Devices

Some useful slot devices

Device Type Slot Option Device Option
Floppy Drive - -flop1 ${FLOPPATH}/${FLOP1}
IDE HDD Primary -board3:ide:ide:0 hdd -hard1 ${HDDPATH}/${HARD1}
IDE CDROM Secondary -board3:ide:ide:1 cdrom -cdrom ${CDPATH}/${CDROM}

as of MAME 229, the isa ide slot device (card) causes a hdd controller failure on boot (haven't worked out why yet). if you want to try it out the format is (attached device type will be cdrom in this example).

Noting that the cli device chain provides each additional option as you build it, e.g. for an emulated IDE isa card

The theory is

  1. Plug in the device card type to the isa slot -<slot> <device> enabling device endpoints
  2. Define the device endpoint and attach a device type -<slot>:<device>:<bus>:<id> <attached device type>
  3. Attach media to the device type -cdrom <path/to/cdimage>

./mame ct486 -isa3 ide -isa3:ide:ide:0 cdrom -cdrom /path/to/media.iso