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ZSNES is a free software SNES emulator written mostly in x86 assembly with official ports for Linux, MS-DOS, Mac OS, and Windows.


Platform Version Device Exec Type commandline_format
Linux 1.51 ROM /usr/bin/zsnes D -m "[rompath]/[name].[romext]"

Cabinet-Friendliness Tips

Reassigning Hotkeys

If you're using ZSNES with Wah!Cade in an arcade cabinet, you will probably want to disable the background layer hotkeys. In the main menu click MISC and then click on the first option called MISC KEYS. On the screen that appears, delete the BG 1-4 definitions or remap them however you like. Now you can map player 1 start and player 2 start to the 1 and 2 keys respectively without unintentionally toggling the background layers.

Exit on ESC

By using the -m parameter in the command line format (as shown above), ZSNES will be launched without the GUI. While in this mode, the ESC key exits the emulator.

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