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Raine is a cross-platform arcade emulator. Originally started as an arcade emulator for the game Rainbow Islands (hence the name), it was later developed into an emulator that supports about 500 games. [1]

The main focus is on emulating Taito and Jaleco games. The emulator is capable of emulating some games which MAME can't emulate.


Platform Version Device Exec Type commandline_format
Linux 0.51.7 ROM /usr/games/raine D -n -g [name]


Raine can be run a couple of ways. By default, Raine launches with its built-in GUI when launched from the Applications menu or from Terminal/Konsole without parameters. It can start a game directly from the command line using the -g or -game parameter. If also launched with the -n or -nogui parameter (as shown above), Raine launches the specified game, and may by quickly closed by pressing ESC, much like in MAME.

Type raine --help at the Terminal for a full list of command line options.

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