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This section is specific to the Playstation functionality in Mendafen.

For details on the emulator see the main Mednafen page.


Platform Version Device Exec Type commandline_format
Linux 0.9.41 ROM /usr/games/mednafen D "[rompath]/[name].[cue]"

ROM File

A cue file is required to load bin disc images, trying to load the bin directly will result in an out of memory error as mednafen interprets the extension .bin as a Mega Drive game


Bios files are required for correct functionality of the PSX.

Some items of note:

  • Bios files are region specific
  • Incorrect dumps may result in crashes with inaccurate messages.
  • Bios files by default should be located in ~/.mednafen/

Not all below are required, mednafen will advise which it needs at runtime.

Hashes listed here for reference.

dc2b9bf8da62ec93e868cfd29f0d067d  dtl-h1001.bin
da27e8b6dab242d8f91a9b25d80c63b8  dtl-h1101.bin
e2110b8a2b97a8e0b857a45d32f7e187  dtl-h1202.bin
924e392ed05558ffdb115408c263dccf  dtlh3000.bin
e2110b8a2b97a8e0b857a45d32f7e187  dtlh3002.bin
239665b1a3dade1b5a52c06338011044  scph1000.bin
924e392ed05558ffdb115408c263dccf  scph1001.bin
54847e693405ffeb0359c6287434cbef  scph1002.bin
8abc1b549a4a80954addc48ef02c4521  scph100.bin
6e3735ff4c7dc899ee98981385f6f3d0  scph101.bin
b10f5e0e3d9eb60e5159690680b1e774  scph102a.bin
de93caec13d1a141a40a79f5c86168d6  scph102b.bin
de93caec13d1a141a40a79f5c86168d6  scph102c.bin
d8f485717a5237285e4d7c5f881b7f32  scph18000.bin
849515939161e62f6b866f6853006780  scph3000.bin
cba733ceeff5aef5c32254f1d617fa62  scph3500.bin
eb201d2d98251a598af467d4347bb62f  scph5000.bin
8dd7d5296a650fac7319bce665a6a53c  scph5500.bin
490f666e1afb15b7362b406ed1cea246  scph5501.bin
32736f17079d0b2b7024407c39bd3050  scph5502.bin
32736f17079d0b2b7024407c39bd3050  scph5552.bin
8e4c14f567745eff2f0408c8129f72a6  scph7000.bin
1e68c231d0896b7eadcad1d7d8e76129  scph7001.bin
b9d9a0286c33dc6b7237bb13cd46fdee  scph7002.bin
490f666e1afb15b7362b406ed1cea246  scph7003.bin
b9d9a0286c33dc6b7237bb13cd46fdee  scph7502.bin
b9d9a0286c33dc6b7237bb13cd46fdee  scph9002(7502).bin


Can be remapped via the mednafen config, a platform config or passed during launch as arguments [1]

Type Directive
Analogue dualshock
Digital gamepad

An example of a working Analogue configuration (bash launch) for 'ID 0810:0001 Personal Communication Systems, Inc. Dual PSX Adaptor



/usr/games/mednafen \
-psx.input.analog_mode_ct         	1 \
-psx.input.port1.dualanalog.axis_scale  "1.0" \
-psx.input.port1.${JOYTYPE}.up       	"joystick $JOYID 0000c005" \
-psx.input.port1.${JOYTYPE}.right    	"joystick $JOYID 00008004" \
-psx.input.port1.${JOYTYPE}.down     	"joystick $JOYID 00008005" \
-psx.input.port1.${JOYTYPE}.left     	"joystick $JOYID 0000c004" \
-psx.input.port1.${JOYTYPE}.start    	"joystick $JOYID 00000009" \
-psx.input.port1.${JOYTYPE}.select   	"joystick $JOYID 00000008" \
-psx.input.port1.${JOYTYPE}.triangle 	"joystick $JOYID 00000000" \
-psx.input.port1.${JOYTYPE}.cross    	"joystick $JOYID 00000002" \
-psx.input.port1.${JOYTYPE}.square   	"joystick $JOYID 00000003" \
-psx.input.port1.${JOYTYPE}.circle   	"joystick $JOYID 00000001" \
-psx.input.port1.${JOYTYPE}.l1       	"joystick $JOYID 00000006" \
-psx.input.port1.${JOYTYPE}.l2       	"joystick $JOYID 00000004" \
-psx.input.port1.${JOYTYPE}.r1       	"joystick $JOYID 00000007" \
-psx.input.port1.${JOYTYPE}.r2       	"joystick $JOYID 00000005" \
-psx.input.port1.${JOYTYPE}.l3       	"joystick $JOYID 0000000a" \
-psx.input.port1.${JOYTYPE}.r3       	"joystick $JOYID 0000000b" \

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