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Demul is not available natively for linux; it is also the only accelerated NAOMI // ATOMISWAVE emulator currently available, therefore we will look at the requirements for running the emulator under WINE

Demul // WINE

Dolphin Blue

Documentation of a successful run of the Demul 32bit emulator through a wine 32bit prefix. Refer to the test system configuration, other configuration results may vary.


Not Yet Tested

  • Plugins not mentioned below

Not Working

  • Controller Configuration (dinput nor xinput work with controllers)
  • Fullscreen, switches to white screen
  • gpuOGLv3


  • Controller Configuration (keyboard)
  • Atomiswave
  • Naomi
  • Windowed Resolutions 640x480 -> 1920x1080
  • Sound

Wine Configuration

Version 1.3.11

  • gpuDXLegacy plugin works without modification to the standard prefix
  • gpuDXv3 requires user to run winetricks directx9 to install directx9 libs

Version 1.2.1

  • errors with d3dx9_43.dll disables directx plugins

System Configuration

Test System 1

Demul Plugin Configuration

Demul Configuration


Demul 0.5.6 32bit


Video: gpuDXv3
Sound: spuDemul
GD-ROM: gdrDemul
Game Pad: padDemul
Net Play: netBlade


Sound Buffer: 4096 Resolutions up to 1920x1080 on test system. Program Defaults

64 Bit Systems - FGLRX Configuration

err:winediag:X11DRV_WineGL_InitOpenglInfo Direct rendering is disabled, most likely your OpenGL drivers haven't been installed correctly

Method 1

To avoid the emulator wiping out the xserver when using either of the directx plugins, you need to load the correct 32bit libs. If they are not loaded you will receive feedback from wine stating direct rendering in not enabled.

You can check if the program is going to run correctly by loading it manual through the commandline

  1. Start a Terminal
  2. Type: wine C:\\emulators\demul\demu.exe
  3. Select Config->Plugins from the menus
  4. Check the terminal screen, if you dont see the above error the prefix is configured correctly

If you see the above error in your terminal window you will need to set the LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH variable before execution.

This script will load the emulator correctly for fglrx users

wine C:\\emulators\\demul\\demul.exe $@

Method 2

Create a symbolic link for the fglrx dri module to the location WINE requires. Doing so, negates the need for the above script

sudo ln -s /usr/lib32/fglrx/dri/fglrx.so /usr/lib32/dri




Demul // Wah!Cade

With the release of Demul 0.5.6, comes a new command line interface. There is the requirement for the system name to be passed to emulator before the romname.


To use this emulator with Wah!Cade , 64bit fglrx users must use the Method 2 fix.

Platform Version Device Exec Type commandline_format
Linux 0.5.6 ROM wine D <path_to_demul.exe> -run=<systemname> -rom=[name]
Linux 0.5.5 ROM wine L See Below

Demul 0.5.6 and above

The requirement to pass a system to the commandline effectively dictates the scenario in which Wah!Cade and Demul will work together. You can use the Demul WINE Loader with 0.5.6 if you do not want to go this route.

My demul directorys for this example is:

  • WINE: C:\emulators\demul\
  • LINUX: /home/user/.wine/drive_c/emulators/demul/
  • WAH!CADE: (symlinked) /home/user/emulators/demul

Rom Paths

Split your roms into system directories



Configure the new rom directories in Demul.ini.

nvram = C:\Emulators\demul\nvram\
roms0 = C:\emulators\demul\roms\awave
roms1 = C:\emulators\demul\roms\naomi
roms2 = C:\emulators\demul\roms\naomi2
roms3 = C:\emulators\demul\roms\naomigd
roms4 = C:\emulators\demul\roms\naomigd2
romsPathsCount = 5

clrmamepro DAT

Generate a clrmamepro DAT file

  1. Change to the demul directory cd /home/user/.wine/drive_c/emulators/demul/
  2. Ask Demul to create a dat file wine demul.exe -listxml > demul_cmpro.xml

Convert the DAT

Convert the clrmamepro XML formatted DAT with Logiqx DatUtil, rename the output to demul_mame.xml the result will be used with the romdir_vs_listxml feature of Wah!Cade when setting up the emulator.

Wah!Cade Atomiswave Example // awave.ini

Configure the awave.ini for Wah!Cade, You can use the demul_mame.xml generated in earlier to handle display names and information.

emulator_title                          Atomiswave

### List Generation Settings ###
rom_path                                ~/emulators/demul/roms/awave
rom_extension                           zip
dat_file                                ~/emulators/demul/demul_mame.xml
list_generation_method                  rom_folder_vs_listxml

### Execution Settings ###
emulator_executable                     /usr/bin/wine
commandline_format                      "C:\\emulators\\demul\\demul.exe" -run=atomiswave -rom=[name]

Run Wah!Cade, choose the platform and Generate the Games List.

Demul versions before 0.5.6


  • AutoHotkey installed under wine winetricks autohotkey
  • Demul WINE Loader installed to demul directory
  • Demul Launcher INI file installed to demul directory

To have this emulator work with Wah!Cade you will need to ensure the requirements above are met and you have configured the Demul WINE Loader as listed on the Demul WINE Loader page.

Wah!Cade ini settings below

emulator_executable                     /usr/bin/wine
commandline_format                      "C:\\Program Files\\AutoHotkey\\AutoHotkey.exe" "C:\\emulators\\demul\\demul_launcher.ahk launch "[name]"

An example bash script is available on the Demul WINE Loader page