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Logiqx DatUtil


DatUtil will assist with numerous actions related to dat file creation and conversion.

A standout Wah!Cade specific function which is useful for all platforms, is its ability to convert DAT files to MAME ListXML format. If this is done, you may obtain additional information for systems which traditionally were only supported by rom_folder list generation method.

ClrMame XML to MAME ListXML Conversion

Conversion example:

wine datutil.exe -f listxml -o output.xml clrmame.xml

The result can be linked in the dat_file portion of the emulator.ini; once linked the rom_folder_vs_listxml or listxml in the list_generation_method should be used to take advantage of the new information.


### List Generation Settings ###
rom_path                                ~/emulators/demul/roms/awave
rom_extension                           zip
dat_file                                ~/emulators/demul/output.xml
list_generation_method                  rom_folder_vs_listxml

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