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Super Game Boy
Manufacturer Nintendo
Type Adapter/Converter
CPU Gameboy
GPU Gameboy
Sound CPU Gameboy
Sound Chip Gameboy
Memory Gameboy
Controllers Super Nintendo controller
Year 1994

Platform Information

The Super Game Boy (スーパーゲームボーイ Sūpā Gēmu Bōi?) is a 16-bit adapter cartridge for Nintendo's Super Nintendo Entertainment System (known as the Super Famicom in Japan). It was the first Game Boy-based add-on to a Nintendo console. The Super Game Boy allows game cartridges designed for use on the Game Boy to be played on a TV display using the Super NES controllers. It was released in June 1994 It is the precursor to the Game Boy Player on the Nintendo GameCube, which functioned in a similar manner.

Media Devices

  • ROM Images


A BIOS image from a Super Game Boy is required to run this emulator. A BIOS image should be dumped from your own hardware. In addition, only MESS will currently run Super Game Boy Games as Super Game Boy Games at full speed. Mednafen will run them as regular Game Boy Games.

Available Emulators

Below is a list of available emulators for this platform.