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Manufacturer lexloffle
Type Fantasy Video game console
GPU 128x128x16
Sound CPU 4 channels
Sound Chip TBA
Memory TBA
Controllers 2

Platform Information

PICO-8 is a fantasy console for making, sharing and playing tiny games and other computer programs. It feels like a regular console, but runs on Windows / Mac / Linux. When you turn it on, the machine greets you with a commandline, a suite of cartridge creation tools, and an online cartridge browser called SPLORE.

Specifications Display 128x128 16 colours Cartridge Size 32k Sound 4 channel chip blerps Code Lua Sprites 256 8x8 sprites Map 128x32 cels

Media Devices

  • Cartridges


Each exported release of PICO-8 packages the player at the correct version for that release. The player will load a file called data.pod from the current directory when launched.

We can integrate PICO-8 with a frontend by writing a wrapper script to launch copy and launch the pod in place.

You can update the player from any new release providing the developer has exported a version for your platform

For example. POOM used a custom PICO-8 build but the dev didn't export an RPI version, so the RPI version cannot be updated to run POOM currently.

See wrapper script

Wrapper Script


Platform Version Device Exec Type commandline_format
Linux <=0.1.12c2+ ROM <path to pico8>/pico8-wrapper W [name].pod

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