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## Run the Gstreamer installer
## Run the Gstreamer installer
## Run the Psycho installer
## Run the Psycho installer

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Wah!Cade has numerous installation methods.


Debian package

  1. Download the .deb package
  2. sudo dpkg -i <filename>

Source package

  1. Download the source package
  2. tar xvf <filename>
  3. See Installation:Additional Packages

Ubuntu package

  • sudo apt-get install wahcade

Development versions

Latest Release

  1. Install bzr (Refer to your distribution manual)
  2. Branch source

Previous Release

  1. Branch the latest release
  2. cd wahcade
  3. bzr pull --overwrite -r <Rev No>

Windows 32bit

This procedure is tested with Wah!Cade 0.99pre8 on Windows XP

Packages Required

Installation procedure

  1. Run the Python 2.6 Installer
  2. Run the Glade with GTK+ Installer
  3. Run the PyGTK+ Installers:
  4. Extract the Chardet package to a temporary directory
  5. From a command prompt in the chardet directory run python ./setup.py install
  6. Run the PIL installer
  7. Extract the Wah!Cade source
  8. Install optional packages
    1. Run the PyGame installer
    2. Run the Gstreamer installer
    3. Run the Psycho installer