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  • ...rarest of them. By 2000, the Sega Model 2 & 3 had sold over 200,000 arcade systems worldwide.
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  • ...of Memory Card Reader and Dispenser (MCRD) technology. Derby Owners Club (2000) and World Club Champion Football (2002) are two applications of these tech ...ed by licensees were Mazan, Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes (Capcom 2000), Dead or Alive 2 (Tecmo 1999) and Guilty Gear XX (Sammy 2002). Sammy devel
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  • ...begun shipping with internal hard drives. Beyond that some arcade hardware systems also began shipping with interchangeable discs (e.g. NAOMI) and a format wa We can take a look at the supported image formats for a couple of systems by querying MAME with -listmedia. Let's look at a couple of consoles to sta
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  • ...MAME source code and extended it to include support for consoles, computer systems and calculators. That is not to say the scope was limited to only these 3 c ...oftware defined machine configurations, states etc, it may define multiple systems and/or machines
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