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DOS 6.22 running Doom in MESS


This guide will walk you through the process of getting the DOS version of DOOM running within the MAME ct486 machine. This will demonstrate We'll cover off some of the specific tweaks required when installing DOS

As a bonus we'll also cover how to setup 2 instances of the DOOM playing Deathmatch over a null modem cable. When we do this we'll need to implement a bitbanger device between the two machines to allow them to communicate over their "null modem" cable.



The hardest part is over, that being setting up the CHD setup with DOS in the first instance.

Specific to DOOM (as of MAME 0.217) you'll want to get copies of some DOOM v1.2 (3) disks

For reference the md5 of the disks we use in this guide are

2729a2775d700d062f0da7ed2b14fc08  Doom 1 1.2 #1.img
ee087c084194ecd7f0acd2fec259f700  Doom 1 1.2 #2.img
4d5e5f40b12b485d180012fea59b2ba7  Doom 1 1.2 #3.img
5757c3329058db08f8ecd6108520be83  Doom 1 1.2 #4.img