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The No-Intro Screenshot Archive contains (maintains?) a number of artwork packs for different systems, these are perfect if you want to make add some candy to your Wah!Cade installation.

The No-Intro Screenshot project currently name their images by rom CRC32 value, not by the rom name as has been the norm for all screenshot packs in the past. This method has its own virtues but unfortunately the result is directly incompatible with Wah!Cade, even if using No-Intro file sets.

To convert the No-Intro screenshot packs to use rom names in place of the CRC32 value you can use the attached python script. The script itself is very much in an alpha state, use at your own risk. The script will run over a single directory while reading a dat file (it does not recurse directories) and rename all files matching the required CRC32 based filename.

The result will be a set of artwork images named to match the rom filename as used with No-Intro file sets. If you wish to use these with Goodnamed sets you will need to do further processing or use a version of Wah!Cade which supports fuzzy artwork matching


  1. Save the script below to <filename>.py
  2. Download a screenshot pack from the No-Intro Screenshot Archive
  3. Download the corresponding dat file for the screenshot pack from No-Intro Screenshot Archive
  4. Extract the screenshot pack
  5. Run the script with python <scriptname> <dat file> <working path> <file extension>

Python Script

Scripts:RomCenter CRC renamer