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"Fuse (the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator) was originally, and somewhat unsurprisingly, a ZX Spectrum emulator for Unix. However, it has now also been ported to Mac OS X, which may or may not count as a Unix variant depending on your advocacy position. It has also been ported to Windows, the Wii, AmigaOS and MorphOS, which are definitely not Unix variants." - Fuse Emulator Homepage


Platform Version Device Exec Type commandline_format
Linux 1.5.7 ROM /usr/bin/fuse D --auto-load "[rompath]/[name].[romext]"

Exit on ESC

Unknown method


Put the System roms in $HOME/.spectrum-roms

b4d2692115a9f2924df92a3cbfb358fb  128-0.rom
6e09e5d3c4aef166601669feaaadc01c  128-1.rom
c1231a70b8129311216acb7479b031d5  128-spanish-0.rom
4f341936594cbcab75cfa62ce96e3682  128-spanish-1.rom
4c42a2f075212361c3117015b107ff68  48.rom
31b704ae925305e74f50699271fddd9a  if1-2.rom
4ed7af4636308b8a48d7a35e6c5b546b  plus2-0.rom
b3db95931cc844efaeb82db9c171b9f3  plus2-1.rom
9833b8b73384dd5fa3678377ff00a2bb  plus3-0.rom
0f711ceb5ab801b4701989982e0f334c  plus3-1.rom
3b6dd659d5e4ec97f0e2f7878152c987  plus3-2.rom
a148bcc575e51389e84fdf5d555c3196  plus3-3.rom
9dd7ecf784a6c04265c073c236f5fadb  tc2048.rom

Help Menu

The help menu is accessible at any time by pressing F1.

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