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Platform Information

Media Devices

  • Windows Binary Programs.
  • Original Installation Media

Available Emulators

  • Wine

Windows Games run the same way Linux programs do, and can be launched by a small script. A variety of controller capable Windows games that make a suitable addition to a Mame Cabinet exist.


Note: Wine is a moving target, with every new release comes new feature supporting newer games. On each application in this listing the version of Wine should be listed


Because there are so many different possible configuration of Windows, a good practice is to divide Wine compatible applications into Prefixes. Prefixes Isolate Windows configurations into their own mini-file system. This allows applications that run on Windows 9x based OSes, and Windows NT based OSes to remain segregated.


Keyboard is not forwarded / Game does not have input focus with XMODIFIERS="" passed

Uncheck "Allow the window manager to control the windows" in winecfg under the Graphics tab.

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