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Platform Information

Media Devices

  • Original CD Media

The Neo Geo CD Contains many of the titles of the Neo Geo MVS. Using the emulator with original media causes there to be no music.

Getting the Music working

To get the games to play the music, you have to copy the files from the CD to a directory, and encode the music tracks to OGG.

If you have copied the cd files somewhere, there is an ipl.txt in these files, so neoraine accepts the ipl.txt file directly, this is the most basic format (direct file access).

You can also zip the contents of the cd, and pass the zip file to neoraine. The zip file must contain an ipl.txt file in its root directory to be accepted. Cds in a ripped form will have a cue file, an iso/bin file, and some wav or mp3 files for the audio. So the cue file is supported. Also cue/bin which include audio tracks in the bin file are supported. For the audio files they can be in mp3, ogg, or wav files for the hysterics of the "accurate" audio ! I recommend OGG for the tracks. So basically you should have 1 directory / game, with game files + audio files in this directory. Then when you load a game, you browse to this directory and pass the required file (zip or cue usually). For compatibility with neocdpsp, audio files can also be placed in a neocd.mp3 directory in the game directory. So for example you would have :

Metal Slug - This is a directory. Not a File. |- Metal - This file contains the Data File Contents of Track 1 of the CD |+

|-neocd.mp3 - This is a directory. Not a File. 
|+ track01.ogg

If you don't use a cue file with the exact file names of the audio tracks in it, then you must have the track number on 2 digits in the filenames. So track1.mp3 won't be accepted, but "Metal Slug - 01 - Opening.mp3" will be accepted. If you use a cue file then audio filenames can have any format.

Notice that you can run a game from the command line if you want to by passing the main file (zip, cue or ipl.txt) on the command line.